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Project Spotlight: Update to the Fort Huachuca Real Property Master Plan

August 4, 2016

Vernadero recently updated the Real Property Master Plan at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, helping the Installation to create a 20-year vision for its cantonment area and Black Tower Unmanned Aircraft Systems Complex. To start, Vernadero conducted a visioning charrette with the staff and Soldiers who live, work, and train at the Installation to develop the real property vision along with specific goals and objectives. Working closely with Installation commands and tenant communities, Vernadero personnel collected the information needed to develop the Capital Investment Strategy, including details about operations, facility portfolios and use, and the capacity of the facilities to accommodate growth and new missions. To prepare the Long Range Component, we worked with the Installation to gather baseline information for resource area assessments and identify opportunities for possible future development, taking infrastructure and land use costs into consideration. The LRC also presents options for future development that complements the Installation's real property vision and provides a long-term strategy for infrastructure maintenance and sustainable development.

Real Property Master Plan