What We Do

Construction & Range Services

Vernadero is a performance-based general contractor with in-house DOD facility and infrastructure design/build expertise. By using a combination of highly experienced professionals and our broad network of dependable teaming partners and subcontractors we are consistently able to plan, manage and execute multiple concurrent construction and range projects with superior quality in a cost-effective manner. We have built a reputation of integrity and reliability by the completion of our projects on-time and within budget as demonstrated by our database of exceptional contractor performance assessments.

Construction and training land maintenance and repair contracts for the federal government differ significantly from private sector work. The taxpayer is best served when experienced consultants and constructors who understand the challenges and changing face of requirements in this sector are the ones to execute the work.

DOD Design/Build Services

Vernadero's military design/build reputation is based on providing quality design and engineering capabilities matched with cost-effective and practical construction solutions. Vernadero is capable of executing all areas of construction activities, including but not limited to: foundations, concrete, masonry, metals, skilled carpentry, thermal/moisture protection, finished materials (interior/exterior), fencing, roofing, mechanical-electrical-plumbing (MPE), site-work and earth-work, roads and parking lots, demolition and removal. Vernadero provides architectural drawings, details, civil and grading/drainage plans and analysis; in coordination with vast selection of reputable engineers specializing in structural, mechanical, electrical, communications, and fire specifications and designs. Vernadero's primary emphasis is to provide exemplary performance, management and execution of construction activities from beginning to end.

Training Land Maintenance and Repair

Vernadero provides training land maintenance and repair capabilities across the country ensuring military training lands are always accessible, available, and capable of supporting training requirements. The military recognizes that the execution of training under realistic combat conditions will stress the training lands. Vernadero assists its clients by designing and executing both preventive and corrective land rehabilitation and maintenance procedures that reduce the long-term impacts of training and testing on Installation lands. Our primary function is to help our federal clients maintain the land to ensure capabilities support the mission.

Green Infrastructure and LID

Vernadero prides itself in designing and constructing environmentally cohesive solutions including Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) solutions. LID is a comprehensive land planning and engineering design approach with a goal of maintaining and enhancing the pre-development hydrologic regime of urban and developing watersheds. GI is a method of constructing design features, capturing – cleaning – infiltrating storm water, plant and groundcover vegetation and placement selections, developing and conserving wildlife habitats, creating streetscape and pedestrian friendly environments. As a design/builder our projects are completed more timely and within more restrictive budget-constraints, while achieving an acceptable and aesthetically pleasing "Green Infrastructure" environment for the Government.

Storm Water Management

Vernadero provides storm water management at all levels of administration from storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs) to catchment and reuse. Vernadero assists its clients in obtaining National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits and meeting the requirements set forth in those permits. Throughout the United States, Vernadero has developed SWPPPs that utilize the latest best management practices (BMPs) to meet NPDES permit requirements. For sites of varying sizes, Vernadero has conducted site assessments to identify areas of potential or actual non-compliance, written SWPPPs to provide a "roadmap" of how compliance can be accomplished, and provided education and training to those personnel responsible for implementing the plan and maintaining the storm water system.